Attention Mid-East Wanderers: Had Enough Hummus?

IMG_0052If so, there’s a chain of Asian restaurants scattered about the Persian Gulf that’s calling your name.  Now I generally detest chains – get me to a mom & pop any day of the week – but sometimes you’re in a rush, sometimes you’re on a budget, and sometimes you just can’t eat any more damn mezze!!

If that’s the boat in which you find yourself, row on over to The Noodle House, where a reasonably-priced, well-executed pan-Asian menu awaits. We tried the prawn crackers, fried calamari, vegetable noodle soup, and 2 kinds of Laksa (a Malaysian noodle soup): Curry and Katang.


They also have Cantonese Roast Duck, Javanese Nasi Goreng, Steamed Sea Bass, Beef Rendang, Singapore Noodles, and Pad Thai.

It’s a chain, so I don’t need to gush about the chef’s cooking – but my friends and I were all impressed with our food, and left with heavier bellies and only slightly lighter wallets.

To paraphrase the Most Interesting Man In The World: I don’t often eat at chain restaurants, but when I do, I go to the Noodle House.

You should too.

The Noodle House
Various Locations including
City Center Mall
Doha, Qatar
IMG_0051 IMG_0054 IMG_0056
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