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Food on the Frontline: Porridge, Five Ways

Covering the final days of ISIS in Syria required venturing further and further away from civilization. As coalition aircraft and US-backed Syrian forces pushed the terrorists toward a small pocket of land jutting into the Euphrates River, they left behind giant swathes of destruction: cratered roads, airstruck homes, and rubble and debris as far as […]

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Food on the Frontline: Syria and Iraq

Syrian food is fantastic, and as diverse as its neighbors in the Middle East: creamy hummus, fried kibbeh balls stuffed with spiced meat, rice dishes baked in phyllo dough, meatballs glazed in cherry sauce, flatbreads, baklavas, honeyed sweets, tea.  Sadly, none of that was available on the frontline, where the Syrian Kurds faced off with ISIS. […]

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