Taste Testing Lab Meat in Tel Aviv

On a recent trip to Tel Aviv I had the opportunity to visit two companies, Aleph Farms & SuperMeat, who are at the forefront of the food tech boom underway in Israel (rivalled only by Silicon Valley). The premise is this: it takes over 2 years, tens of thousands of gallons of water, and 20,000 […]

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Rice. Salt. Pepperspray.

Hong Kong is, as everyone knows, a foodie paradise. Skyscrapers soar with Michelin-starred European restaurants perched on top. Dark alleys throb with neon lights and smells from kitchens roasting meat, frying noodles, or steaming dumplings. There is quite literally high, low, and everything in between. But while covering the protests in the streets of this […]

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Food on the Frontline: Porridge, Five Ways

Covering the final days of ISIS in Syria required venturing further and further away from civilization. As coalition aircraft and US-backed Syrian forces pushed the terrorists toward a small pocket of land jutting into the Euphrates River, they left behind giant swathes of destruction: cratered roads, airstruck homes, and rubble and debris as far as […]

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A Taste of Spain in a Moroccan Port

Along the Moroccan coastline, on the shores of the Mediterranean, sit two Spanish enclaves: Ceuta and Melilla. These tiny port cities are vestiges of colonialism and have been gripped tightly by the European country, despite an ongoing ownership dispute with Morocco, and are as culturally Spanish as the mainland: there are tiled fountains, grand boulevards […]

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Colostrum Custard, Anyone?

Not too long ago, I confess, I would have had no idea what colostrum was. Sounds vaguely Roman, vaguely architectural. I was blissfully, blessedly unaware. Now that I’m a parent, I know only too well that colostrum is breast milk, produced only in the first 36 hours or so after birth, that’s like liquid gold […]

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