Tequila Sushi Boom Boom. BOOM!


I couldn’t possibly come up with anything more interesting as a title than the actual name of this restaurant, located in central Donetsk.  There is tequila. There is sushi.  There may or may not be boom boom.  It is a mystery. When I asked the only other customer in the restaurant, he didn’t have much to say. When I looked online, a recent write-up didn’t mention boom boom, but I thought perhaps they alluded to it:  “A special treat, of course, is awaiting the lovers of exotic dainties”. Intriguing!

This guy had no idea where to find boom boom.

In all seriousness – this place is not amazing. But sometimes you’re jonesing for tacos, and you think, “crap, I’m in Ukraine, there’s no WAY I can have tacos here!” but then you notice that the hostess standing outside TSBB is wearing a Mexican tablecloth draped like a beauty pageant sash, and you realize you can.

The tacos in question are more like soft taquitos – flour tortillas filled with meat and cheese, rolled up and pressed until slightly crispy. Served with salsa and a decent imitation of Mexican rice, they’re filling, they sate that Mexican urge, and they’re cheap, at about $5 for the plate.


Enchiladas are exactly the dish above, topped with sauce. Guacamole is absolutely acceptable. Margaritas are blended and frozen (there is no other option), and the restaurant claims they’re the best in the city. Chicken Wings Boom Boom are chicken wings dusted with a spicy rub and served with ranch sauce. I did not try the sushi, so go with your own gut on that one.

After weeks of dumplings and garlic and sour cream, sometimes your taste buds need a little boom.  You’ll leave with tingling lips and the salty/sour remainder of a margarita on your tongue, and you’ll be happy for the change of pace.

Tequila Sushi Boom Boom 
25, boulvar Pushkina 
Donetsk, Ukraine (aka the People’s Republic of Donetsk)
Tel: +38 062 381 75 75

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