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Colostrum Custard, Anyone?

Not too long ago, I confess, I would have had no idea what colostrum was. Sounds vaguely Roman, vaguely architectural. I was blissfully, blessedly unaware. Now that I’m a parent, I know only too well that colostrum is breast milk, produced only in the first 36 hours or so after birth, that’s like liquid gold […]

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A Family Feast… Hospitality in Gaza

Those who are frequent readers of this blog know my most favorite thing… the holiest of grails… is to be invited into someone’s home to share a meal with them. Eating in someone’s house, I often get served dishes that I won’t find in local restaurants, and I invariably pick up on the little customs […]

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Farming Under Fire in Gaza

In the shadow of an Israeli watchtower, Marwan al Ghoul has been quietly, carefully coaxing a farm out of the sand. You wouldn’t imagine that in Gaza, just meters away from the Israeli border and a stone’s throw from the ocean, fruits and vegetables would be thriving… yet, here they are. With one handful of […]

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Stuffed Stomach in the West Bank… Literally

After a six month hiatus… Food Under Fire is back! In my time “off” I gave birth to a sweet baby girl, Mia; while it was certainly Parenting Under Fire, Sleeping Under Fire, and Diaper Changing Under Fire… I didn’t travel to any international foodie hotspots or warzone food carts, so this blog took a […]

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