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Food on the Ukrainian Frontline

It’s below freezing in the Ukrainian trenches, dug just a few hundred yards away from Russian-backed separatists. There’s regularly a ceasefire violation around here – sniperfire or mortar rounds shot at the troops wearing blue & yellow patches, the flag of Ukraine, on their shoulders. They run regular rotations into the trench to peer across […]

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Quick Snack: A Revelation in a bowl in Poland

When in Poland, there are three absolute must-eats. The first is obvious: pierogi. Thick dough wrapped around fillings like cabbage and onion, steak, potato and cheese, spinach, dried plum and apricot… then boiled or fried. Growing up we used to buy them in the frozen food section, pan-fry them with sliced kielbasa and onions, then […]

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Fuel for the Press Marathon in Kyiv

It was the most unusual press conference I’ve ever attended; and I’ve sat thru Vladimir Putin’s hours-long telecast, been part of press scrums on front steps and in the tails of planes and everything in between. But today Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky decided to address several hundred journalists, not all at once but in what […]

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Taste Testing Lab Meat in Tel Aviv

On a recent trip to Tel Aviv I had the opportunity to visit two companies, Aleph Farms & SuperMeat, who are at the forefront of the food tech boom underway in Israel (rivalled only by Silicon Valley). The premise is this: it takes over 2 years, tens of thousands of gallons of water, and 20,000 […]

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Rice. Salt. Pepperspray.

Hong Kong is, as everyone knows, a foodie paradise. Skyscrapers soar with Michelin-starred European restaurants perched on top. Dark alleys throb with neon lights and smells from kitchens roasting meat, frying noodles, or steaming dumplings. There is quite literally high, low, and everything in between. But while covering the protests in the streets of this […]

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